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 Founded in December 2014, the Porto de Galinhas Convention & Visitors Bureau is a private non-profit organization, currently gathering more than 60 member companies, representing all segments relating to tourism. Its primary objectives are to increase the number of visitors and to extend the length of stay at the destination, through promotion, professional training, fund-raising, as well as generating and expanding leisure- and business-related events. 

História da Associação Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is no longer a quaint fishing village, and has become a powerhouse of tourism, recognized worldwide. The Porto de Galinhas Convention & Visitors Bureau is the organization that works to promote the development of tourism in the region through marketing, events tourism, and incentives, with the support of local, state and federal tourism bureaus.








“To foster development of the tourism in Porto de Galinhas by promoting the destination and creating synergy among the members of commerce, government and the market, generating business opportunities for its stakeholders”