Hotéis e Resorts em Porto de Galinhas


 The sun and blue sky reveal magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters, and an average temperature of 28°C (82°F). This is the setting for those who visit this magical destination, surrounded by resorts and hotels, with abounding restaurants that offer an inviting regional cuisine. All this, just 50 km from Recife International Airport, less than an hour’s drive. The place is a veritable aquarium that reveals its beauty through the rich marine biodiversity, especially in the area of the Costa dos Corais (the “Coral Coast”), which preserves a stretch of coral reefs and sandstone, featuring mangroves and lush flora and fauna. 


Where is paradise? It’s just 40 minutes from Recife, and it’s called Porto de Galinhas, a former fishing village full of legends that intermingle with the history of Colonial Brazil. Located on the southern coast of Pernambuco, the beautiful beach with crystalline waters is accessible via the Rota do Atlântico, a recently refurbished highway that is safer than ever. Replete with natural wonders and home to a rich marine ecosystem, flora and fauna are found among coconut groves and the dense vegetation of the mangrove. The setting is the inspiration for the exquisite cuisine of the restaurants and the best hotel service offered by the luxury resorts.



The history of Porto de Galinhas is not due to the colorful chickens we see today in the Village. In 1850, the slave trade was banned in Brazil; in order to circumvent the law, the ships docked at the beach with their slave-laden cargo holds covered with crates of Guinea fowl, known locally as “Angola chickens”. The crew’s secret passphrase for slave traffickers was “There’s new chickens at the port,” which meant that a new shipment of slaves had arrived. And that’s where the name “Porto de Galinhas” comes from.



Rodovia PE 09, s/nº, Km 07

Porto de Galinhas, 55.590-000 - Ipojuca - PE

Tel: (81) 3552-1205



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